Tutoring the 3-Rs and developing other "literacies"

This site is about literacy--basic reading and writing and numeracy, and other "literacies:" celestial, geographic, economic, biological, nutritional, etc. The site is best viewed on the Google Chrome browser.

I am a retired resident of San Francisco with a long-time interest in child and adult literacy. I am offering my free program on the Web to help parents and tutors teach children to read, write, spell, and reckon. I have also included a program on English grammar and composition for good measure. In addition I have Web pages reflecting my interest in other subjects in which I want to be "literate."

If you have an interest in any these subjects, I invite you to check them out:

Tutoring Adults for Mastery of Reading and Writing and Arithmetic

Tutoring English Grammar and Composition

Beginning Urban Skywatching

Choosing Optics for Skywatching

Physical Geography of the U.S.

Economic Literacy

Global Warming and Warning

Approaching the Bible

Islam: One American's Findings

What's Anthropology all about?

DNA: Life's Common Denominator

Real Health Care Reform

The Vegetarian Way

Green Smoothies: Try One

Bread Machine Baking

Tips for No-Knead Bread Baked in a Pot

Links to Video Performances of Great Arias

Links to Vocal Performances

Links to Video Performances of Instrumentalists

Links to Video Performances of Instrumental Ensembles

Links to Video Performances of Some Classical Gems

The Home Library, an electronic home reference library

Recollections of an Old Farm Boy

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